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Maylon Rudy - a founding member of Delta Epsilon Delta and its first President 1950-1951.
Bucky Edmondson (1953)Doug Walker (1955)
Ed Freeland (1955)Jack Skipper (1951)
Jim Inch (1955)Ken Berghuis (1954)
Starling Perkins (1954)Wayne Jackson (1951)
Harry Tysinger (1954)
1951 - Some of the First Member

Back - Tommy Townsend (the very first pledge), Dick Pyatt, Jack Skipper
Front - Carlton Tischer, Jimmy Swain and Wayne Jackson
Back - Dick Pyatt, Paul Hogdson, Glen Edmondson, Page Page, Tommy Townsend

Carlton Tischer, Edwards, Denis Killerlane, Wayne Jackson, Bill Frost
Jack Skipper, Bob Williamson Rick Smith
Four of the founding members in 1951
Standing-Jimmy Swain, Paul Page
Kneeling-Wayne Jackson and Bill Frost
Wayne Jackson
Dick Pyatt, Elaine Reed Pyatt and Paul Page
Tom Townsend
Paul Page with sister Polly Page
1951- Paul Page (uniform), Bill Frost (walking away), Tony Longo, Dan Weaver, Carlton Tischer, and Ed Longo
Bill Frost, Shirly Fincher, and Carlton Tischer
Bucky Edmondson, Elaine Pyatt and Paul Page
Elaine Reed Pyatt and Paul Page
Dick Pyatt, Elaine Reed Pyatt and Paul Page
1955 Delta Epsilon Delta Members
(Back Row) Albert P Salvatore, Cliff Hammer, ?, Ed Freeland, Ed Glickman, Ed Kalkowski- (Front Row) Bob Burns, Pete Beazel, ?, Dick Burns.
Pledge taken a lick Ed Sanders, Ron Mullikin and Lew Mertz
Unknown Pledge, R to L Jon Heidgerd, Peyton Moffitt and Conrad "Rusty" Choyce
Rick Smith - Note: ties were required at all "Delta Epsilon Delta" meetings
Brothers drilling pledge - Jon Moore, Jon Heidgerd (President '53) Phil Baker (President "55)
Unknown, unknown, Bob Standish, Joe Wolfe and Carl Hampton
Group Picture after meeting in 1954 (Bottom Row) L to R - Ed Sanders (his grandparents, the Brickell's were early pioneer settlers of Miami), Bob Williamson, Bill Carter (holding paddle), and Bob Standish. - (2nd Row) - Starling Perkins. - (Top Row) Carl Hampton, Tony Mantinan, Phil Baker, Pete Beazel, Lew Mertz, Jon Heidgerd and Russ Howard
Left sided - Alice Mathison, Starling Perkins,? and Bob Williamson,? ,?. (Right side) ?, Bob Standish,Pat Caldwell,Marcia Murphy, ?,?,? and?
Starling Perkins and Jim Inch
(Top Row) Phil Cusick, Joe Wolfe, (Middle Row) Pete Beazel, Ed Sanders, Lew Mertz, Tony Mantinan (Bottom Row) Ron Mullikan, Jim Inch, Bob Barth
?, Lynn Ezell, Starling Perkins, ? Ed Freeland, ? Rick Smith
Pledges 1955- Dick Burns, Robert Burns, Bussy Kowlkoski, Albert Pagliuca Salvatore, (back) Ron Carney, Cliff Hammer, Dale Strothman
Cliff Hammer (back turned), Lew Mertz, Phil Cusick, Ed, Sanders, Bob Barth.
Tony Mantinan, Ed Sanders giving pledge (one of the Burn's twins) a lick.
1955 Pledge Party ?, ? Lew Mertz (rightside ?),L R Ed Sanders, Bob Burns, back side of Phil Cusick
Tony Mantinan, Pete Beazel, Jerome Tate and Cliff Hammer
Rick Smith with "Chapter Sweethearts" ?, ?, Lynn Ezell
Ron Mullikin, Lew Mertz, Phil Cusick, Jim Inch, Peter Beazel, Ed Sanders, Pledge (One of the Burns brothers)
Ron Mullikan, Mario Fernandez, Lew Mertz,Ron Carney?.
L-R ?, Joe Wolfe,Pat Caldwell (later married Bob Standish) ,Bob Standish, (Front)Ed Sanders and Phil Cusick
(Front) Jim Inch, Rick Smith, (Back)Bob Barth, Joe Wolfe and Phil Cusick
Bob Barth, Ron Mullikan, Lew Mertz,?,Rusty Choyce and Bunny Downe and Bill Rebozo
Mike Benedetto - Second from the left - 1958 Tallet Sweetheart
Mike Benedetto - Second from the left - 1958 Tallet Sweetheart
Mike Benedetto ('58) with Lynn McCloud (Tallet) at 1957 Prom
Albert's Mom, Albert Salvatore (Pagliuca) ('57), and Sally Salvatore (Pagliuca)- taken 1954
Sweetheart Lynn McLeod ('57) and Barry Evans
Hell Night - Bob Burns,Ron Carne and Dick Burns.
Back L-R Bussy Kowlkoski, Betty Ann Cook, Albert Pegliuca Salvatore, Kitty Canfield,? Burns
Burns, ?, ?, Burns, ? Joe Wolfe
Kitty Canfield
Joe Wolfe and Glenn Logan (Rear)
Burns, ?, Kitty Canfield and ?
Back L-R Buzzy Kowlkoski, Betty Ann Cook, Albert Pagliuca Salvatore, Kitty Canfield
Lew Mertz, Rick Smith, Mary Rolfer, Girl in front, Liz Manchester, girl behind, Jean Leuin
Beach Party 1954, Rick Smith, Carol Ferrara  
Pete Beazel, Rick Smith, Paul Hodgson, Jon Heidgerd

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