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Charlie Wolff ('59) "Wolfie" with an airlplane he designed and manufactured.Charlie Wolff 1959
Bob Burns ('55)Bob Burns ('55)
Bob Barth ("55) and Rick Smith ('54)Ken('54) and Mirian Borghuis
Paul Page ('52), Jim Swain ('52), Denny Clark ('52) and Carlton Tischer ('52)Lew Mertz ("55)
David Causby (non member) and Rick SmithHarry Tysinger ('54), his wife and Jean Smith, Rick Smith's ('54) wife
Bob ('55) and Dona BarthAlbert Salvatore '57
Rick Smith ('54), Denis Killerland ('54, David Causby ('54) and Hal Gordon ('54)Rick Smith and Phil Cusick
Rick Smith and Starling PerkinsJoe Wolfe ('55) and his late wife Judy Wolfe, his sons Matt and Darren and their wifes
Mike Benedetto (1958)Mike Benedetto (1958 ) still working out on the rings
Charlie Wolff ('59) "Wolfie" airplane is a high performance unlimited competition aerobatic design.Jon Heidgert ('54)
Bob Barth (1955) just completed a 360 mile bike ride to encourage kids to get fit in New York State.Paul Page
Paul Page and Rick Smith  
Joan Walker, Jean Smith and Doug Walker 


Frank Robinson ('65) with his bike
Jerry Ford ('65)
Duane Keller ('69) Professional Martials Artist.
George Trudeau ('71)
Harold Skipper ('64)
Greg Morris ('69) with wife Patti and daughter Kelly
Jim Hanen ('66) and Jill Casey (Majewski)
Scott Suart and son('71) out fishing
Barry Harvey ('64) & wife Marby
Lee Morris(63) with daughters Joeley and Lindsay
John Haviland in the middle at Sebring
Frank Godwin ('66) Wife Robin, Daughter Stacia and Son William "Quarter"
Joe ('64), Lauren, Sam, Joe Jr. ,Jenny and wife Janice Ametrano
Mike McWhorter ('61) with son Richard
Mark Redwine ('70) and wife Cathy
Lonnie Carson (66) with President George W Bush and President George Bush.
Gonzalo Arostegui (71')
Charles (Butch) Ritthaler ('61)(1988) Mike Rebozo, Jim Hansen, John McGahey and Rusty Barnes
Bob Perez ('61 )and grandson.Mike Rebozo and Vicki Giles
Party at John Marson (1988) Mike Rebozo, John McGahey, John Haviland and Barry Harvey1988 Party at John Marson's house.
Bobby Christianson (Ashcom), Vicky Giles, John Haviland, John McGahey and Barry Harvey.
Back: Mike Rebozo, John Marson, John McGahey, John Haviland, Rusty Barnes, Eddie Petrow, Barry Harvey and Bobby Ashcom
Front: Jim Hansen, Mike O'Brien, Charlie O'Brien
Jerry Ford - Racing at age 57 years old
Jerry Ford ('65) 1975 World ChampionshipLee Morris('63)with granddaughter
Jeff Price ('61}Mike McWhorter (1980) bring in one.
Richard McWhorter, son of Mike McWhorter ('61)John McWhorter, son of Mike McWhorter ('61)
David Stoller racingMarcia Stoller and David Stoller, David died in 2002
Stoller RacingDavid Stoller and Marcia Stoller
Frank Carrier's family in 1987 - Chelsea, Frank, Janis and Maggie...Frank died in 1988George Abraham and Suse Baker (Abraham) at home in Sedona AZ
George Abraham and Suse Baker (Abraham)at home Boyton Canyon in North Sedona AZGeorge Abrham and his boys, J. Carlton and Justin.
George Abraham and Suse Baker (Abraham)George Abraham and Suse Baker (Abraham)
Mark Redwine ('70) and wife CathyGeorge Abraham and Suse Baker (Abraham)
Gables '64 & '65 Reunion
Jerry Ford and Claudia
Gables '64 & '65 Reunion
Tamar Spectra and Jerry Ford
Gables '64 and '65 Reunion
Jerry Ford, Tamar Spectra and Joe Ametrano
A visit to Coach Joe Atwood - Stags '54...Mark Redwine - Counts 70,
Billy Adams Stags'66, Herb Stebbins Stags'68
Mark Redwine in North CarolinaGeorge Trudeau (71) in Bostic,N.C.
Frank Myers (72) and George Trudeau (71) Giving the gripFrank Myers (72) and George Trudeau (71)
George Trudeau (71)
Chuck Manetta (1973)and wife Salome in Scotland.Al Gamalero (1972) and wife
Steve Seymour Class of 1964Bob Perez with the family on a cruise 

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