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1960  -  Camp Out

Larry Skipper, Rick Posten and Tommy Rebozo
George Abraham, Fred Rebozo, Richard Allen, Rick Posten, Fred Sacco, Mike McWhorter, Tommy Rebozo and Larry Skipper
George Abraham, Freddie Sacco, and Rick Posten
Richard Allen, Feddie Sacco, Marcia Stoller, Tommy Rebozo, Mike McWhorter, Rick Posten and Fred Rebozo, George Abraham and Larry Skipper
Larry Skipper and Richard Allen
Fred Rebozo
Rick Posten, Tommy Rebozo, Larry Skipper, George Abraham and David Stroller
Rick Posten, Freddie Sacco, Tommy Rebozo

1960 -  Breakfast on the beach after Prom 
 Crandon Park Beach

Freddy Sacco and Corrine Cornelius
? and Merle Davis
Fred Rebozo
George Abraham
Fred Rebozo, Mike McWhorter
The Ideal Girl
Feddie Sacco and Corrine Cornelius
White, Marcia Stoller 

The Year Was  -  1960

Tommy Rebozo giving a lick to a pledge
Bob Roof
Fred Sacco
Tommy Rebozo
Tommy Rebozo and Marcia Stoller at Stoller's house

1961 -   1st  Semester Pledges

Gene Moyer
David Stoller
Tommy Rosendale
Rocky Lindsley
Butch Ruthaler
David Schriner

Pledges on a Bike ride in front of Pledge David Stoller's house
Pledges on bikes
Pledges preparing for the "Big Bike Race"
Must be the winners...where are the others?  

Interfraternity Party given by Counts

"The Big 3" Bruce Fisher (Pres. of Stags) Freddie Rebozo (Pres of Counts) and Bob Wilcox (Sgt-at-arms - Ching Tang)
Cheryl Speck, Frances Flynn (Tallet), Fred Rebozo, Bob Peacon (Ching Tang) and Barbara Van De Mark (Tallet).
David Moss (Ching Tang), ??, David Dworkin (Ching Tang) and Joann Wright.
Jim Heines (CT), Ann Stockdale (Tallat)
"The Big Three Banners"
??, Bob Clein (Stags), ??
??, Bob Mulgrew, Ron Pantello (Ching Tang)and Ester Hersh
Mary Beth Spiecker (Co-Eds), Bruce Hale (Ching Tang)
Bartender, Marcia Stoller (Counts Sweetheart), Tom Rosendale (Counts)
??,Mike Warden Liz Milikin (JG) Scott DeGarmo (Ching Tang)
Rocky Lindsley and Vickie DeRoy
Don Miller (Stags) ??, Nikki Cefalu (Tallet), Bruce Fisher (Stags)
Tom Rosendale
Janet Swanson (JG), Bob Hayes (Ching Tang)
Hired Bartender, David Schirner and Tom Rosendale
??, Nita Boone (Co-Eds), John Frates (Ching Tang) and Sidney Cullen (JG)
David Schriner 

1962  -  First Semester   -   RUSH PARTY

Frank Robinson and ?
Todd Disner, Jeff Giles
Doug Evans and Druanne Regan
Doug Evans with Druanne Regan
David Schriner
Jeff Giles
Rocky Lindsley, Doug Evans and Tom Rosendale
Tom Rosendale and David Stoller
Fenton Hutchinson
Jeff Giles, Pasty Wakefield
Frank Robinson
Fred Rebozo
Bobby Regan, Bob Perez, Many parties were held at the Regan House.
Jeff Giles 

1962 - 1st Semester Pledges

Perry Christian
Bill Harrison
Frank Koutas
Richard Morgan
Frank Robinson
Steve Seymour
Mike Warden

Bill Harrison, Perry Chistian, Mike Warren and Frank Koutas
Doug Evans amd Mike Warren
Todd Disner, Frank Koutas, Jeff Giles, Mike Warren, Perry Christian and Harold Skipper
David Schriner and Bill Harrison
David Schriner
Lenard Fite, Doug Rosendale, Tom Hutchinson, Todd Disner, David Schriner and Harold Skipper 

1962 - Greynolds Park

David Stoller car and Warren Gentry car.
The Gang
George Abraham
Gene Moyers and Rocky Linsley
The Gang
Out Fishing: Top Row: Harry Miller, Dick Rosendale, Kenny Berry
Bottom Row: Roger Coller and Mike McWhorter

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