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1965 - Party at Mike Rebozo's

Lenny Reina, Tom Cook, Mark Felik, Frank Robinson, Steve Bass and Bill Copelin
Jerry Stickney Jim Hanson, ? ,Todd Disner
Rick Simpson, Nancy Brown (Tallet), Ronny Fulks
John Marson, Kit Chandler (Sweetheart), ? John McGahey
(Back Ground) John Marson
Lonnie Carson, Ronnie Fulks, John McGahey
David Lynn, Linda Drexel and Bill McWhorter
Kit Chandler, Jimmy Chandler, and Billy O'Malley at bottom
Billy Moeller, Tom Bailey (Deucalions), Linda Drexel, Bill McWhorter.
Mike O'Brian, David Lynn
Make Felik
Mark Felik and Skip Disner
Steve Bass, Lenny Reina, John Brown, Billy Moeller and Jimmy Chandler

1965 - Party at Bill Morller's

Mike Rebozo,?, Gary Dietz and ?
?, Mike Whitfield, Kit Chandler, (sweetheart) David Dawson, Jim Hansen, Tony Nihill
Linda Drexel, Bill McWhorter
Tom Geithner, Bill Copelin, Ronny Fulks
Mike O'Brian
John McGahey, Rick Simpson
Ed Flynn "Nabbed Again"  

1965 - At the Beach

"The Boys"
Mike O'Brian, John Marson and Ronnie Fulks
Tony Nihill
Jerry Ford, Jim Majors, Joe Ametrano and Steve Seymour
"The Sophomores"
John Brown, Eddie Flynn, Steve Bass
Jim Chanler, Lenny Reina, Billy O'Malley
"The Boys"
Bill McWhorter, Richy Starling
Ronny Fulks, did not see the first punch, but that was the last punch that touched him 

Greynolds Park

John McGahey, Ronnie Fulks, and Mike McWhorter's head
Tom Cook, Susie Ashcom and John Marson
Rick Simpson, Nancy Brown, Jimmy Morrison, ? and David Dawson, Ann Davis
It's starting!!!
Robert Wood
Steve Bass, Manual Garcia and David Dawson
John McGahey, Ronnie Fulks, and Mike McWhorter's head
Mike McWhorter, David Lynn, John McGahey and Ronnie Fulks
Mike Whitfield, David Dawson, Rick Simpson, Steve Bass and Lenny Reina
Manual Garcia, David Dawson and Ann Davis
Mike Rebozo, with his little brother Stevie Rebozo, who became a Count in 1971 - I wonder how?

Out in the woods shooting

Mike McWhorter
Ronnie Fulks "Hated the rifle Blast's"
Linda Drexell and Mike Whitfield
Mike McWhorter, Mike Whitefield and Ronnie Fulks
Linda Drexel and Ronnie Fulks
Linda Drexell, Mike Whitfield and Bill McWhorter 


Bill McWhorter and Ronnie Fulks
Kit Chandler Ed Petrow, Bobby Ashcom, Jim Hansen, Bill McWhorter
Phil Tracy
Mike Rebozo and David Dawson
Manny Garcia, Bruce Daily
John McGahey and Bill McWhorter
Jim Majors and Steve Scymour
Ronnie Fulks and Tom Cook
Harold Skipper and Steve Scymour
Tom Cook and Lonnie Carson  

Sunday Afternoon in 1965

Richie Starling, Mike Rebozo, Mike Whitfield, Ed Petrow and John McGahey
Mike Rebozo
Ronnie Fulks, Art Morrison, Bill Copelin
The Guys
The Boys
Harold Skipper and Steve Seymour
Steve Seymore Tony NiHill, Mike O'Brian and Tom Cook
Mike Rebozo and Richy Starling
Mike Warden
Tom Bell and Bill Copelin
Bill Copelin, Jerry Ford, Mike O'Brian, Tom Bell, Tom Cook, Mike Rebozo, Mike Warden, Ronnie Fulks, and Barry Harvey
Bill Copelin and Mike Rebozo

1965 - Pledge Class - Bare Mile /Hell Night


1965 - At the Bridge after the Game

Ronnie Fulks
Phil Tracy's better side
Eddie Lopez, John McGahey and Jerry Ford
Jerry Ford and Ed Petrow
Tom Cook


Kite Chandler (Left)
Becky Peters and Mike Wonder
John Marson, John McGahey, and Mike Wonder
Mike Wonder, Eddie Lopez and Jim Morrison
John Marson, David Dawson and John McGahey
Ed Lopez and Mike Wonder
Tom Cook talking to an officer (I don't think he is buying it!!) with Bill McWhorter is the background
Mike Wonder and Ronnie Fulks
Kite Chandler tom Cook and Ed Petrow


David Dawson, Tom Cook, Jimmy Morrison, Mike Whitfield, Johnny McGahey, Tony Nihill, Eddie Lopez, Lenny Reina and Rick Simpson
David Lynn gets one from Johnny McGahey
John Haviland, Jimmy Morrison, Jimmy Chandler, Ronnie Fulks and Johnny McGahey
Eddie Lopez
Mike Whitfield and Eddie Lopez
The Boys
David Lynn gets a lick from Ronnie Fulks
Jim Hansen and Jill Majewski
Group picture after a meeting in Mike Whitfield's garage

1966 - Pledge Class

From the Back - Steve Bass, Rick Simpson (New Members)- Donny Rebozo, Greg Morris, Vinny Chiofolo and Ray Allen
Ed Flynn, Steve Bass, Greg Morris and John Brown

The year was 1966

Phil Tracy, Frank Robinson, Skip Disner and Lenny Reina
John Marson, Tom Cook, Phil Tracy, Jim Hansen Lenny Reina and Eddie Flynn head
Mike O'Brian, Jim Hansen and Phil Tracy
Billy Moeller
Billy Moeller and Lenny Reina
Ron Fulks, Mike Whitfield and Bill McWhorter "Be a Marine"
Donny Rebozo, Jim Morrison, Greg Morris,Lenny Reina, Jimmy Adler,Mark Felik bottom - Skip Disner and Billy O'Malley

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