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1963 - 1st Semester RUSH PARTY

Susie Ashcom and Don Proctor
Mike Warden and Linda Dixon (JG)
Don Proctor, John Haviland and Harold Skipper
Harold Skipper
Steve Seymour
John Haviland
Harold Skipper and Ronny Fulks
Lee Morris Jenny Krutulis
John McGaney, Tom Cook and John Marson
Steve Seymour
Mike McWhorter and John McGahey

The Year was 1963

Joe Ametrano and Harld Skipper
The Boys
Joe Ametrano and Steve Seymour
A day of fishing 187lbs.....not bad .......Tom Rosendale and Doug Evans
Joe Ametrano and Steve Seymour
Leonard Fite, Lee Morris and Mike Warden
Lee Morris, John Haviland and Leonard Fite
Buddy Fowler
Todd Disner
Doug Evans
David Schriner
Harold Skipper and Kay Chandler (Sweetheart)
Leonard Fite
Tom Rosendale
Todd Disner
Leonard Fite
Harold Skipper "It's going to hurt"
Steve Seymour giving a lick to Bobby Ashcom(Christianson)
The Boys at a meeting
Joe Ametrano
Joe Ametrano, Perry Christian, Lee Morris and Steve Seymour
Lee Morris, Mimi Murray and Bruce Daily  

1963 - Party at Godwin's

Ronny Fulks and Steve Seymore
John Haviland, Rusty Barnes and Berry Harvey
Steve Seymour and others
It must have been a party photo  

1963 - Pledges Get In

New Brothers after being swore in
The weekly Monday night meeting

1964 - Meeting at McWhorter's

Jeff Giles "Easy Please"
Jeff Giles

1964 - Meeting at Frank Robinson

Mike Whitfield takes one from Bruce Daily
Mike Wonder get another one!!! Perry Christian giving the lick and Richard Sadowski is doing the holding. "Thank you Sir, may I have another Sirrrrrrr"
Mike Whitfield, Bill McWhorter, Bill Harrison, Richard Morgan and Perry Christian
Frank Robinson and Joe Ametrano
Mike Warden give a lick while Rusty Barnes hold the paddle guard 

The Year Was  - 1964

Harold Skipper "Cool Man"
Mike Wonder and Rusty Barnes
The Whole Gang
Counts Party
"Changing of the Guard"
Old Officers
Perry Christian, Harold Skipper, Bill Harrison
Mike Warden and Steve Seymour
The New Officers -
John Marson, Richard Morgan, Richard Sadowski, Tom Cook
Ronny Fulks, Mike Warden
Bill McWhorter and Richard Morgan
Harold Skipper
Jerry Ford
Counts Party
Phil Tracy John McGahey and Jim Morrison
? , David Stoller 

1964 - Second Semester Rush Party
At McGahey's

Rusty Barnes
Member of the Band, Barry Harvey and Richard Morgan
Rusty Barnes, Richard Sadowski
Phil Tracy and Perry Christian
Mike Warden and Bruce Daily
Ronny Fulks and Franky Koutas
The Band taking a break  

1964 - Party at Eddy Lopez's

Lee Morris Richard Morgan
Harold Skipper
Belle Quesenberry, Terri Wubbold "Woobs" and Barry Harvey
Steve Seymour 

1964 - Camp Out at Turtle Beach

Mike Whitfield, Mike Rebozo, Eddie Lopez and John McGahey

Party at John McGahey's

Bill McWhorter and Linda Drexel
Ronnie Fulks and Jerry Ford
Art Morrison
Eddie Petrow and Eddie Lopez
1964 - Eddy Petrow, Harold Skipper, ?, Terri Wubbold and Barry Harvey
Tony Nihill, Kit Chandle, Kim Leland, John McGahey, Coleen Reagan, Bruce Daily, Pam Griffen Jan McGan.  

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