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John Marson, Barbara Mangles, John Haviland, Marie Fajardo, Kit Chandler and Tom Cook
Greg Morris, Ray Allen and Vinny Chiofolo at Matheson Hammock
Billy Moeller
Billy O'Malley
Jim Morrison and Bill O'Malley
Bill O'Malley and Jim Morrison
Mike Rebozo, Jim Major, Eddie Lopez, Rusty Barnes at the 19th Hole Tavern
Jim Major
Rusty Barnes and Frankie Davis
Jim Major and Margaret Fleming (JG)
Rusty Barnes, Eddie Lopez, Jim Major and Mike Rebozo
Mike Rebozo and Rusty Barnes
Mike Rebozo and John Haviland
Frankie Davis and Rusty Barnes
Eddie Lopez, Patti Thornton and Rusty Barnes
Bobby Ashcom and Gigi Dobbins
Mike Warden
Mike Rebozo and Rusty Barnes "The Brown Bird"
Jim Major, John McGahey, Bobby Ashcom, Rusty Barnes, Berry Harvey and John Haviland
Frankie Davis, Rusty Barnes and Alan Henderson
Bobby Ashcom, Gigi Dobbins, Rusty Barnes and Frankie Davis
John McGahey, Kit Chandler (Tallet) Margret Fleming (JG) John Haviland and Jim Major
Richard & Julie (Eaton) (JG) Morgan
1st Row- Jim Marjors, John McGahey, H. Gardner, David Dawson
2nd Row Barry Harvey, Rusty Barnes, John Haviland, Mike Rebozo and Bobby Ashcom
Barry Harvey Terry Wobold (Tallet) and Jim Major
Rusty Barnes and John McGahey
John McGahey
Mike Rebozo, John McGahey, Kitty Kinnen, Ann Sams (Tallet) and John Haviland
H. Gardner, Nancy Brown, Ann Davis, David Dawson, Mike Rebozo, Maria Fajardo, Ann Sams, John Haviland, Kitty Kinnen and John McGahey
Barry Havey, Rusty Barnes, Bruce Daily, Bobby Ascom and Jim Major
Rusty Barnes and Frankie Davis
Kitty Kinnen, Barry Harvey and Jim Major
Robbie Jochem (CT), Rusty Barnes and Pam Cherry
Barry Harvey, Mike Warden and Mike Rebozo
Jim Major, Rusty Barnes, Rick DeFrank (Tellet) and Barry Harvey
Barry Harvey and Terri Wubbold (Tallet)
MMike Rebozo and Betty Haverfield
Mike Rebozo and Eddie Petrow
Rusty Barnes and Ida Schaeffer
Mike and Fred Rebozo
Kit Chandler and John McGahey
Mike Rebozo and Betty Haverfield
Rusty Barnes and Eddie Dupree
Rusty Barnes and Todd Disner
Mike O'Brian and Main Saveeze
Billy Robinson (Tekes) and Tom Cook
The Boys and Babes
John McGahey and Rusty Barnes
The Guys and Girls on Key Biscayne
Tom Cook and Laura Bernard
Laura Bernard and Mike Rebozo
Billy O'Malley
David Dawson and Bill O'Malley
Phil Tracy, Tom Cook, Mike O'Brien and Billy Robinson (Tekes)
Bobby Ashcom, Tim Beyen and Rusty Barnes
Susie Ashcom (JG), Raphael Dawson, Mimi Murry and Phil Tracy
Mimi Murry, Rusty Barnes and Nancy Brown (Tallet)
Rusty Barnes and Todd Disner
Rusty Barnes and Berry Harvey at the "Playboy Club"
Rusty Barnes, Eddie Lopez and John McGahey "The Brew Boat"
Jim Major, John McGahey and Mike Rebozo
Rusty Barnes and Frankie Davis
John McGahey M. Fleming, John Haviland
Maria Fajardo (Tallet) and Mike Rebozo
John McGahey
Rusty Barnes, Todd Disner and John McGahey
Ronnie Fulks
"It's A Party"
Eddie Lopez and Mike Rebozo
Bobby Ashcom, Barry Harvey, Mike Rebozo and Rusty Barnes
Todd Disner, Mike O'Brien and Bobby Ashcom
John Marson, Rusty Barnes
John Marson, Jim Hansen and Mike O'Brien
Gigi Dobbins and Bobby Ashcom
Mike O'Brian and Jim Hansen
John Haviland, Gay Shope, Billy Robinson (Tekes) and Pat Sessions
Rusty Barnes and Mike Kellar (Wheel)
Rusty Barnes, Bobby Ashcom, Clyde Palmer and Tim Boyer
Bobby Ashcom, Rusty Barnes and Barry Harvey
Frankie Davis and Barry Harvey
Pat Dawson (CT) Barry Harvey and Laura Bernard
Rusty Barnes, Bruce Daily, Bob Ashcom, Barry Harvey and Laura Bernard
Phil Tracy and David Dawson
Rusty Barnes, gay Shope and Tom Cook
Rusty Barnes, Frankie Davis, Bill Barnes (Rusty's Dad)
The Guys
David Dawson, Jim Hansen, and Phi Tracy
Kit Chandler and Johnny McGahey
Bobby Ashcom and Rusty Barnes
Patti Thornton and Eddie Lopez
Johnny McGahey
Rusty Barnes and Betty Haverfield
Susan Ashcom and John Marson
Phil Tracey, Fred Rebozo, Mike Kellar, Mike Rebozo, Jeanette Flickinger and John Haviland
Bobby Ashcom and Gigi Dobbins
Rusty Barnes, Patti Thornton and Eddie Lopez
Rusty Barnes and Joe Ametrano
Vicky Giles and Ed Petrow
Toney Nihill, Jim Major, Betty Haverfield, Mike O'Brien, Rusty Barnes and Debbie Cramer
Rusty Barnes, Jim Major, Mike O'Brien and Jim Major
Tom O'Malley and Susan Ashcom (JG)
Phil Tracy, Tom Cook, Mike O'Brien and Billy Robinson (Tekes)
Phil Tracy, Tom Cook, Gigi, Bobby Ashcom, Harvy Gardner, Nancy Brown, Susan Ashcom, Laura Bernard, Mike Rebozo and Tom Beyer
Ronnie Fulks
John Marson, Betty Haverfield, Tom Cook, Debby Cramer and Rusty Barnes
Bruce Daily, Rick DeFrank
Bruce Daily, Rick DeFrank
Franke Davis and Rusty Barnes
Mimi Murray and Bruce Daily
Todd Disner and Susan Ashcom
Eva Barnes (Rusty Barnes Mom) and Phil Tracy
Rusty Barnes and Bruce Daily
John Marson, John McGahey, Mike Warden
Tom Cook, Becky Perters, Kit Chandler and John McGahey
Tom Cook and Gay Shope
Eddie Lopez and John Haviland
Laura Bernard, Jim Major, Mike Warden, Rusty Barnes, Frankie Davis, Bobby Ashcom and Gigi Dobbins
John Haviland, John McGahey, Kit Chandler, Frank Robinson and M Fleming (JG)
Mike Warden, Patti Thornton, Bobby Ashcom and Gigi Dobbins
Bobby Ashcom
Tom Cook, Rusty Barnes and Barry Harvey
Richard and Julie (Eaton JG) Morgan and Rusty Barnes
Jim Major and his Dad 

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