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Bob Williamson, class of 1955 (left school). I'm not positive that Bob has passed away, but his story is so worth retelling that I thought he might qualify as an honorory deceasedd member. Besides I never could locate him again!

Bob was born into wealth and privilege, living in Cutler Ridge, next door to Ted Williams, and was the only guy I knew whose family owned an indoor pool. I understand his father was the "tomato King" of south Florida. Bob drove a Hudson and believed in having fun. I particularly remember one afternoon when we were late for some occasion. Bob had acquired a hand operated police siren that we (I should say I) used to scatter traffic from Kendall to the Gables. Never a real cop when you need one, you know.

But his best stunt took place during his senior year. Bob and antoerh rich kid, Billy Aiken decided to escape their dreary existance and run away from home. When I ran into Bob in 1964, he claimed that during this adventure they ran out of money and decided to rob a drug store. Unfortunately the manager saw them walk in with a shot gun (real clever) and called the police. They were arrested but the kindly Sheriff decided to give the boys a choice. Join the Army or go to jail. They chose Army. Believe it or not, Aiken made it a career. Bob was discharged for asthma and sent home. He claimed that he qualified for the G.I. Bill (a real stretch here) and went back to Gables on the government. (I don't verify these tales you understand). Anyhow, he supposedly graduated, and promptly married a fellow grad who know that he was coming into an inheritance when he turned 21. He did, she spent it all and then kicked him out. So in 1964 I asked what he was doing since he was broke. He swore that he was in training to become a mortician.

Good luck Bob wherever you are!  

Submitted by Rick Smith

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