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 I lost a brother due to an accident while in the line of duty back on Jan.16,1995, he was 11 months younger than me. Not only were we blood brothers,but we were Count's Brothers also .He was a good man,he always helped people,that's why he is dead now. You see he was an officer of the law,as I am for twenty-five years. I miss him so much,especilly every May,which is his birthday and the Police Memorial. I'm sure all of you that knew him will agree with me. My sorrow goes out with all of the other family's that have lost their loved ones too. There are other Count's Brothers that I see in the Deceased Page that I remember also. I'll never forget them either.

George Trudeau

I grew up with the Trudeau Brothers and their sister right there on SW  42nd Terrace. George still lives in the same house today.
My short term memory isn't worth a dam but I have such great memories of growing up with Leonard and his brothers. 
From the football games to driving the Doctor across the street INSANE! (Dr. Chrisianson)  Boy, what a hoot.
Like all the Trudeau brothers, Leonard was great. He is and will be missed.
Herb Stebbins  

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