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Submitted by Charlie (aka Wolfie) Wolff '59

Larry Toback, was a case! He was one of the craziest guys you could ever meet. The Toback name is another well know name in Coral Gables. All of the Tobacks were at the top of their class in academics except one. You guessed it, he was the black sheep. 

In 1956, he and I played Babe Ruth Baseball together on The Coral Gables Police Team at the Old youth center on LeJune one block south of Miracle Mile. The police team was the one to be on in those days. Every cop was a scout for the team and they won the championship almost every year. I was on the team because the coach, Don Clairmont, lived across the street from where I played sandlot ball and recruited me. Larry was on the team because every cop in the city of Coral Gables knew him including Don. He was so wild that the police wanted him to stay busy so he would not have extra time to get in trouble!

He was also a pretty good ball player, but a wild pitcher. He was so crazy and wild nobody on his own team would let him pitch batting practice, because he would bean his buddies, just for laughs.

Larry drove a car like he pitched, fast and wild.  For kicks he would drive at 100 MPH, turn off the headlights and go through a stop sign. I was with him several times when he did such a stunt.

For all his zaniness,  he always had fun and a great smile and well liked by everyone


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