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We need to remember that the group we associated with in our formative years was an illegal club. I joined DED because I thought it was a rebellious group that was "bucking the system".Most of us wound up leading conventional, middle-class lives. A few bucked the system later on.
Richard Fascano was one of those. He not only bucked the system, but beat it as he saw it.
Last year, Richard and Jack Horsley visited us. It was the first time I had seen him in 50 years. He wanted me to know how rewarding it is to not follow conventional paths. He almost convinced me.
He graduated from the merchant marine academy in N.Y. After that he spent many years as captain of oil tankers. Somehow, he wound up in the main office of the oil company he worked for with access to finances. Guess what happened next. He went to jail for one year. After doing his time, he gleefully reported he had one and a half million dollars, tax free, in the Caymans ready for him to spend. And by the time he visited with us, he had spent it all. He said he enjoyed spending every last dollar.
Horsely called two weeks later and told me Richard had died. I think Richard died fulfilled.
Submitted by Philip Cusick

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